Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Production Painting with Mathias Verhasselt - Review

Class work
Mathias is self-taught concept artist who used to do 3-D modeling. He has developed techniques unique to his own. He explains light, color, value not in terms of paint and pigment, but in terms of science and how light particles behave! It seems like he creating form and lighting as a substitute for a 3D program.The methodology in which he creates painting is very precise and intentional. He paints in a way that is unique to Photoshop and the digital medium - instead of treating Photoshop like a substitute for traditional paint.

In the class we creating production paintings - which are basically very detailed environment designs. We started with thumbnails, and worked our way to finished illustrations. His critiques are very solid and full of information.  He will explain exactly why he is doing this and why it's making the concept more interesting and/or read better.

The only thing is that the class is not for beginners. The concepts he teaches are pretty advanced in my opinion. So I would recommend having a pretty good foundation before taking it. Otherwise - it's pretty solid class and you will learn a lot.

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