Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Caricatures!

So this time - I've started to learn how to draw bodies and apply a little bit of tone. My anatomy still needs a lot of work but I think I've made a lot of progress! Things are always fun when you are new to something. ;)

Sunday, November 18, 2012


So! Recently I've been learning how to do caricatures. I've always been more of a painter, so I wanted to work on my ability to use only lines. I'm actually kinda of taking this class - and the teacher is really great. Our homework was to draw 20 caricatures. I wanted to challenge myself a little further by drawing different races (I did white, black and asian), and different ages (from infants to elderly). This way it forces me to be even more accurate when portraying the likeness - and I understand what I need to exaggerate or play down.

So I started off with some eyes, noses and mouths.

White people caricatures!

Black people caricatures!

Asian people caricatures!
an afternoon's worth of work! fun stuff!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Flash, Raven and Titans Tower

Hey - so just an update on some of my character designs for a Teen Titans movie. It's for a fan made film. I've embedded the kickstarter video below.  Check it out!

Figure Drawing + Cartoons

Here are 28 pages - a mix between mastercopies, figure drawing at LCAD and Dr. Sketchy's. Here's what happened - I would be copying some stylized cartoons and I would like... wow! My drawings so awesome! My girls look really sexy! Then I go to actual figure drawing and I'm like.. crap! why are my girls so ugly... And then I would go back to the cartoons and analyze the proportions, the idealizations, the curves vs. straight, the squash, stretch, gesture and THRUST! And figure out how to give my figures a lot more life and character!

First attempt at STYLIZED figure drawing. I redraw the poses at home to figure out what went wrong.
 Realistic vs Stylized

Figure drawing at LCAD - adding a lot of sharp angels. It's cool. Going for a Bruce Timm feel.

 Figure drawing at Dr. Sketchy's - I really like these gestures. I felt like I really got the hang of it.

 This is based off a live pose which I stylized and added storytelling/ character elements. I was really proud of myself having been able to push it this far. This was definitely way beyond my usual comfort zone.

 Another really stylized pose. These two dogs posed with the model.
Going back and forth between realistic and stylized.

some dave pimentel studies and black marker studies from photographs. gonna try some more marker stuff.