Friday, January 1, 2010

Old Sketchbook entries

So I going through my old sketchbooks for the sake of memories.  I realized I had some really great sketches in there that I never put online.  So for the first time ever -- I will be showing some of my favorite excerpts from sketchbooks 12, 13, & 14.  (I'm on sketchbook 18 right now).  I realize that some of my renderings by then were much more powerful - in my current sketchbooks, I render a lot less and spend more time writing. But hey! it's nice to have a little change.  BTW if you haven't checked out lately, you should! I updated some new stuff on there. :)

some professors. bonus points to those you guess who they are! XD

studies from 2007 - vessel project.

How Things Work for Wayne Chung.


Girls. ;)  I really like the sketch, even though it's kind of creepy. 

My friend, Christie. I got a really paintery feel by using marker over prismacolor - which I really liked.

That's fresh. Some studio friends, Luther and Natalia.

Ssketches I created in San Francisco. I really loved these environmental sketches. They aren't technically profound, but I feel like they really captured the mood that was present at that area. I was really relaxed when I created those sketches.


studies for my friend: Michelle

toy robots!

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