Saturday, June 21, 2014

Passion Reboot

Yesterday - I saw a movie by one of my favorite directors - Jon Favreau - director of Iron Man 1 & 2. There's something really special about him - he is so accomplished and successful - yet you don't get a whiff of arrogance about him - he exudes humility and funny, down-to-earth vibe. Even in his own movie - Iron Man 2 - Jon plays a lowly bodyguard and even gets beat up by a girl! For such a big shot director - Jon Favreau certainly has a good sense of humor!

When I found out Jon came out with a new movie - I HAD to go see it. In his new indie movie "Chef" (2014)- Jon tells the story of a successful chef who is basically a**fu**ed by his manager and the social media. He gets tired of doing what people are telling him to do, and instead starts a food truck so he can do what he wants!

I really related to this movie.  I don't feel like I'm working a job that makes be happy. As of today - I've worked all three of my "dream" jobs - video games, movies and theme parks. At first - there was a sense of novelty and euphoria when I first worked on the projects, but I've never been truly happy or fulfilled doing any of these jobs.

Even though I've always enjoyed and been really good at teaching - I didn't think it was a viable career.  I actually looked down at artists who just teach and didn't have much professional or artistic accomplishments - but maybe that's just my arrogance talking. I wanted to get some professional experience before I started my teaching career - which is why I felt it was important to become a professional concept artists for different companies. Perhaps I can get back into teaching.

I also really enjoyed working on actual projects - such as building exhibits during my Art Center days , or building Booth during my Carnegie Mellon days, or even painting that mural when I went to Guatemala. I don't like sitting at a table/ or in front of my computer making illustrations all day. I really want to get up at MOVE! I need to walk around and really work with my hands and legs! I need to be around REAL people and talk and converse with them. I'm not sure what kind of job will allow me to do what I that - but I feel like doing something like that is what will really make me happy.

Perhaps I can start teaching again.

Perhaps I can start working on actual projects again - instead just being an illustrator.

I'm not sure what is going to come out of this - but the first step of manifesting what you want - is to recognize and specify your INTENTION. Here I go! :)