Saturday, September 18, 2010

Crime Noir

I was the colorist for this set of isometric images. The client that was creating a Crime Noir style game.  He wanted the colors to be dark, warm yet bright and colorful.  These images depict the life of a mafia guy.  (I didn't do the lineart.)

These are sketches for a different set of images I created for the client. Even though I spent a week working on these sketches, I actually didn't get paid for this set of images because the client didn't like my style. So to other artists out there - it's a good idea to have the client pay you half of the money in advance so he doesn't waste your time. Your time is valuable and not free. Work hard - but be smart!

The client emailed me about 1 month later asking me back as a colorist. I colored this image in for the client and sent it to him. However, he never got back to me. It's not that much of a setback, but as a lesson to other starting artists out there - be sure to get paid in advance, or at least watermark your images so a client doesn't steal your work. 

I didn't get a degree in Industrial Design for nothing

If you been to my house before, you would know that my mom is also really artistic like me. She does a lot of Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese painting. She is pretty dope. 

Couple of weeks ago, she asked me to create a holder for her many many brushes. Currently designs only hold 6-12 brushes, and take up a lot of table space. (like this)  only She came up with the design - I just made it.  
I used pegs and woodglue to attach the 3 pieces of wood together. I sanded it smooth (up to 600 grit). I finished it with 3 coats Teak oil stain. Then I applied a couple coats of UV-protection spray. And put on the eye-hooks. 
This was so well received that my mom wanted to me to make another one for her Calligraphy teacher. I'm currently in the process of making the second one, and will post step-by-step photos of the process. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Atlantis Booklet - COMING SOON!

Just finished this on iPhoto today. Took me 3 months to compile!
Book is coming in 6-9 business days. Yay!
The layout and everything is looking pretty hot. 
It's A lot cooler than the Pokebooth Booklet. 

Thanks to ASA Board 2008 for the great year.
Shout out to Booth Chairs - Mike Hu and Howon Cheng.
Thank you Marci for the editing. You are PRO!
Thank you Mina for the foreward.
Thank you Howon for the quote.
Thanks to Dan, Momo, and Tina for giving me feedback at sketchgroup.