Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tom Brown's Landscape Painting Class Review

Recently I took a plein air painting class taught by Tom Brown.
First things first, the class was a great deal! 5 weeks for $90! A plein air painting class usually costs 4x as much. It was hosted by the Irvine Fine Art Center - a local community center.

Tom and I (above). Class Demo (below)

When I first started researching about this instructor, I noticed that he had a youtube channel full of instructional videos. This guy every lots of teaching experience! In addition, he sends out a daily newsletter that has a new painting EVERYDAY. This guy was pretty dedicated. How many people you know consistently paint every day?

This guy does landscape paintings as a job - it's his lifestyle. In contrast, when you take a landscape class when an industry professional at CDA or Red Engine - those guys are only doing landscape paintings as a supplement to their professional work. Tom's heart is really into his work. It's like taking a class with Bob Ross!
Some of my work from the class...

One of the differences between gouache and oil is the way you premix color. In this painting, I premix all my colors so I have a solid color palette. Then I just block it in. I fiddle with some edges and shapes, and it's done! It's not the way Tom teaches, but it's pretty fun way to work. 

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