Monday, July 28, 2014

July 2014 Mid-Year Recap

Why I haven't been posting...
Hey guys - so I haven't been posting much stuff on the blog -- at all. I've been posting a lot of stuff on this other private blog called "Every Sunday Post" - but we recently closed that down. I've also been posting a lot on my Instagram (Legendbrush Instagram). I've been posting a lot on the Daily Spitpaint sketch group on Facebook (hope to post those on the blog soon). But I haven't really been drawing that much in general (a little bit.. hope to post those soon as well). Most of my artwork are name paintings that I post on my Facebook Legendbrush Facebook page or it's for theme park companies - and that stuff I can't show.

Career - Theme Park Design
This week I've worked on multiple projects with 3 companies.
SG Studios
- Themespace Design & Consultation
- Zeitgeist Design and Productions

 I'm still pretty new to the industry and getting experience. I haven't gotten a LOT of work - like my name painting business. But I can tell that I'm getting better in terms of artwork - and becoming more professional from more experience. I'm consistently working on projects. I'm consistently network and building relationships with people on Linked In and at TEA events such as the TEA summit.

Youtube Videos
I've spent the first half of this year doing a lot of traveling, working on projects, and making videos! It's a dream come true. I forgot when... but in a previous blogspot I wrote 2-3 years ago.. I stated that I wanted to post some cool youtube videos online. I just didn't really have ideas for content and stuff yet...

Guatemala Trip
In January - I made a trip to Guatemala to paint a mural at an orphanage. This is a playlist of 5 videos that document the trip. :)

First Anime Convention
This was was I went to Anime Los Angeles as Legendbrush - selling name paintings! Had a blast!

Here is a video of me going to Anime Expo and creating name paintings!

I've been selling a lot of stuff on my online Etsy Store (
Legendbrush Etsy Page - Name Painting

Posting stuff on Instagram (
Legendbrush Instagram
Project Lifecoach
Here are some videos from the youtube channel (Project Lifecoach) - where we give people self-help tips and blog about applying these tips on ourselves and documenting the journey. 

Season 1

 Season 2

- Personal Vlog where I work on my "Portfolio"

 - Personal Vlog where I work on being more "Relaxed"

Physical Health 

Another thing worth mentioning is doing another "Tough Mudder" with my friend Eder. This time - I wasn't quite in shape when I did it - and I got really sick afterwards. This first half to the year - I've been neglecting physical and mental health. (I've been more focused on income and generating cash flow $$.) So I want to make sure that I am healthy, have fun with my life, relax, and also make lots of money at the same time!

2014 New Years Resolutions

I've been having a hard time with my new years resolutions - just because they are so ambiguous, vague and non-measurable. They are great goals - but I'm having a hard time "doing" them - because they aren't something that you really accomplish - it's something you are....

1) Contentment - I want to practice more gratitude and live everyday with gratitude and happiness. I want to be sincerely be grateful for everything in my life. Perhaps I can do a daily practice exercise of... "Something I liked about today..." to show gratitude in my daily life.

2) Help others get what they want - I want to be the kind of person that is very thoughtful of other people. I want to be the kind of person that I would like to be around (I don't like very self-centered people - and I think I'm pretty self-centered). I really like people who take care of others. Maybe I could do more volunteer work. And I could be more focused on helping my friends and family. And I probably can learn to be more accepting of people are very selfish.

3) Inner Peace - I want to relax into life. Even if something doesn't go my way - I can still be happy and relaxed. I would be unattached to the results. If something does go my way - I can be happy as well. So whether or not things go my way or not.. or something unexpected occurs - I'm always really happy, calm and peaceful like a very deep lake. Because... deep down inside - there is inner peace.

Alright - thanks for reading! See you next time! :)