Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Blog Layout

I'm changing my blog layout to a lighter palette. Everything has been kind of shifted.  It looks a little weird right now - but please bear with me as we go through this reconstruction phase.

Yours Truly,

Iron Man - Painting

Hi guys. This is my third post today.  As you can see from my post numbers, I almost have not posted anything for the past 2 months.  But I have been doing lots of work!  Now that I am well rested and have adequate time to make quality postings - I will give you good stuff my friends!

I've been posting Iron Man process photos for a couple months now - this is the finished product!
Below is a youtube video I created for your viewing pleasure.  It shows the process of how this came to be.

Calvin and Hobbes - calligraphy project

I've posted some calligraphy works before.  I really liked this project so I thought I'd post it also.  This was the final project for my calligraphy class. I decided to do a large replica of a Bill Waterson Calvin and Hobbes sunday strip.  It was a very slow and careful process that involved many steps and experimentation to get the composition, scale and presentation all "just right."

I tiled printed the comic to 400% scale.  I graphite transfered it to Bristol Paper.  Applied water color.  Lettered it. And inked the rest of the characters.  Around a 12 hour process.

Water Elemental Collaboration

This is a fun project I did with my girlfriend.  We always talked about doing a collaboration together - but we never got around to it.  One day, we were talking about online video games and I thought of an idea for us to create a character for an MMORPG.  We'd both do a sketch and we would swap.  Sophia did the line drawing and I did the color.

The qualifications for the character were as follows:
- Magic, Ancient
- Water
- Alien
- Humanoid
- No runes, staffs, or glowing blue lights