Monday, May 3, 2010

IDSA Michigan Trip

Just got back from the IDSA Michigan trip.  Every year, there is an Industrial Design Society of America's conference.  Industrial Design students from several schools compete and present their work to an audience of 100-200 students/ professionals.  I didn't present at this conference, but I got to hear a lot of speakers and get to see a lot of students present their work. I love doing this: traveling and meeting people. ;)

What am I going to do with my last two weeks of school? I want to have a lot of fun.  I want to work out, hang out with friends, and eat good meals and sleep well. It is also finals - which is my last chance to produce academic work.  I want to work hard and make the best work I've ever done!  I am going to produce some kickass shit.  This is will probably the last time I'll work in facilities like this for a while.  I'm going to use the fast internet, awesome computers, and laser printers here to produce some portfolio pieces.  I'm going to finish the Atlantis and Marvel Booklet in these 2 weeks.  

I want to cherish every last minute I have here.  The goal isn't about working my butt off or having a lot of fun.  If I learned anything my past 4 years - it's all about balance. Prioritizing.  Feeling out the moment and having fun, but also making the right decisions when it is crunch time.

What is my summer going to be like?  I'll be finding a job.  I'll try to get some leads during my last couple weeks at school. But I really don't think that is going to happen. I can always find a job when I get back to California. I could use a little break and downtime anyways. I deserve it.  It's been a rough four years. I'm going to look into jobs into exhibit design, as well as concept art positions in movies and games. I'd be really interested in exhibit design though. I'm really curious as to our professionals order, manufacture, and manage production schedules on actual productions. 

Meal at HopCat. Delicious Wrap. Best Fries EVER.
Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Reception at the B.O.B. in Michigan

Over Chicago

Chicago Airport - transfer flight.