Thursday, August 5, 2010

Temple Designs

I was asked my some people from the District temple to come up with designs for a new temple in LA.  There was a large board meeting on August 1, and I created these sketches for the one of the Transmitting Master to use as visuals in his meeting. 

 Typically, there are only words or scriptures behind the altar.  The idea in this altar was to use a Californian landscape behind the Buddhas.  The original idea was to have a chinese-painting of a Californian landscape, but in this case, I quickly photoshopped a picture of Yosemite into this image to show how it would feel.  

This new temple would have retractable walls - enabling large areas.  In this sketch, I show how the larger area could be used as a performance space for events such as Mother's Day, or Chinese New Year. 

Sketch of a Cafeteria. Pretty self explanatory.