Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Color and Light HW - Week 2

So for Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi's Schoolism class - our assignment for week 2 was to do a bunch of black and white still life/ plein air paintings. We were supposed to do it with diffused lighting, and do it with just 3 values. Afterwards, we would take it to full value.

For some reason, I thought the homework was really boring, so I just put it off and didn't do the homework for weeks!  I was about to just skip this week's assignment, but instead, I changed the assignment and changed it to  "drawing cute and hot girls" in whatever lighting I choose. 

Thank goodness for this dude - Phillip - I saw some of his homework and that motivated me to keep going. Originally, I made this Facebook group with about 10 people who also signed up for the class. But it sucks balls because no one was posting except me. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 Manifestations

So my first mistake was rushing into 2015 and getting sick. Too many rushed blogposts in a short period of time. Note to self - slow down and take the time you need. :)

The difference betweens goals and manifestations

(Will Smith Video)  (Arnold Schwarnegger Video) (ET Hip Hop Preacher)
Detailed plan, steps
To-do format
Think about it all the time
Limit the number of goals.

Act as if it already happened
Think about it once, and let it go out to the universe
You can have as many as you can imagine

2015 Manifestations

- Work Related -

Purpose: I love what I do for work. It's fun and engaging. I am passionate able my work and the service I provide to my customers and clients. I bring family and friends closer together in the most positive ways.

Expertise: I excel at what I do.  I am the best at what I do and I create very quality work and provide a high level of customer service. I am important and in high demand.  Doing my job is easy and relaxing. It is easy.  I easily complete my projects early and exceed the customers expectations. Everything is smooth, simple and easy.

Ease: Because I have systematically trained my skill, doing my work feels easy. I am relaxed. My clients are very happy and satisfied by my work.

People: I love the people I work with. My clients, customers, coworkers, employers and employees are a joy to work with. I attract and work with people who respect my boundaries behave in a very professional manner which I find delightful.

Schedule: I set the work lifestyle for me that I'm very happy with. I have able to have a stable and predictable schedule when I would like. I can also have a schedule that allows for freedom, spontaneity and creativity!

My Own Rules: I am able to work by own rules. I set boundaries that I'm very happy with. I am an authority in my business. I am able to set up my rules, service agreements, contracts in a manner that I am happy with. My rules are fair and just to both me and my clients. People respect and abide by the rules that I set for myself.

Easy Money: Getting paid is simple and easy. My customers always pay at least a 50% deposit or pay in full before I start the work. They pay me quickly and respect me.

Lots of Money: I get paid extremely well for what I do. I am able to earn a lot of money in a very short amount of time and effort.  I am grateful for the work I receive. I am grateful for my clients. I'm grateful to my employers, employees, all the people who have, are, and will help me. I'm grateful to myself and my efforts. I'm grateful to the abundant universe. I am able to complete my work, satisfy my customers and clients, and complete my projects quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly.  I always have plenty of free time to spend with family, friends, and take care of myself.

Flow of Money:  I am able to support myself and my family. I use my money for philanthropic and meaningful causes. I give back to the community and allow the money to flow healthily and freely.  I always have more than enough money.  Everything is well in my abundant world. I allow myself to relax and have peace of mind.

Focus: I am able to automate most of my tasks so I can grow my business and focus on what is the most important and what I enjoy doing the most. I am able to stay focused on my values and the reason why I do this, which is "bringing family and friends closer together in the most positive ways."

Lifestyle: I have a great work environment where I am able to get plenty of sunshine, exercise 2 hours a day, meditate, eat good food, get plenty of time to rest and recharge, take vacations etc...

Passive Income: I allow myself to have a business that is scalable. My business is very large and makes lots of money. I allow myself to have passive sources of income where I do minimal to no work, and the I continue to receive positive cash-flow until perpetuity. I allow myself to passive streams of income that generate a great deal of money. I allow myself to relax and let money easily and continuously flow into my life. 

Legal: I allow myself to have a business that is legal, ethical and moral. I allow myself to be proud of what I do. My business has a good purpose and intent. I have a business that conveys authenticity, integrity and my values. I allow myself to feel safe and secure. I make money with peace of mind. I allow myself to be educated, knowledgable, and well versed in legal matters in the highest and best way. If need be, I can hire and consult (in the highest and best way) the best lawyers to help me in the highest and best way. 

- Personal Development -

Health: I place self care, exercise, sleep, nutrition, spending time with family and friends as a TOP priority in my life. I spend at least 2 hours exercising a day. I have a very active, healthy, fun and relaxed lifestyle. I go to sleep early and go to bed early - I have a natural and healthy energy rhythm. I have lots of energy all day long. I am able to fully engage when I'm working and I able to fully relax and release when I'm resting and recovering.

Time: I always have time and energy to take care of myself, do things that I want to do, and do things that mean the most to me. Time is abundant in my life. I allow myself to finish things early. I am punctual, on time or early to events. All my tasks flow naturally and I'm always at peace.

Love and Approval:  I fully accept and approve of myself. I allow myself to have strengths and weaknesses. I acknowledge my flaws and love myself whole-heartedly. I can improve upon which I wish to improve without judging myself, and without being too harsh or critical. I am habitually gentle, kind and loving to my own weakness. I also habitually gentle, kind and loving to others as well.

Kind: I am thoughtful, kind, caring and considerate of other people's needs and desires.

Humility: I am humble. I respect everyone - no matter who they are. Everyone has their own unique gifts. It is possible to learn from my experience or any person.

Gratitude: I am constantly thinking about all the things I'm grateful for. Being grateful is easy for me. I constantly feel gratitude from deep within and show my appreciation exuberantly.

Positivity: I am happy and easy going. Negative thoughts and emotions easily slide off of me and I'm able to always see the positive side of things. I can make light of things and find humor in all sorts of situations. I allow myself to take things light-heartedly and be easy going.

Authenticity:  I allow myself to truly be myself and do what my heart is telling me. I am beyond group beliefs. I do what I think I should do and when I should do them.  I allow myself to be free of influence and what other people think.  I make an effort to be the type of person that I truly want to be. I make an effort to be the type of person I would truly like to be around. I live with a sense of integrity and authenticity. I allow myself to be vulnerable and take risks that are in alignment with my higher self.

Take Advice: I also allow myself to listen, understand, and take-in other people's opinions and suggestions. It's okay for other people to be right. It's okay for me to be wrong. I know good advice when I see it - and good advice can come from anybody. I can an eye out for it. I am humble, and am easily able to take in other people's advice and implement their suggestions.

Communication and Respect: I am able to communicate diplomatically with my friends, family, girlfriend, wife, co-workers, employers, employees without feeling tense or a feeling like I am fighting. I am able to cultivate a sense of mutual respect for anyone and communicate in a way in which they feel respected and understood. People are also able to communicate with me in a diplomatic way that makes me feel respected and understood as well.

Generosity: I'm very generous when it comes to giving.  I feel a sense of abundance and prosperity. It is okay if I get less than another person - I always have enough and there is always more than enough. The world is plentiful. I'm always grateful for all the good things that people have done for me and the world has given me. I cultivate a continuous attitude of gratitude, and I continue to receive gifts from the world.

Patience: I am patient and calm. I am okay if it takes a little bit longer to do things. I embody tolerance, patience and compassion. Things will get done in their proper time. I believe in Divine Timing.

Asking for Help: I am able to easily ask for help. I allow myself to ask for help and admit that I need help. When I ask for help people graciously offer to help me. I graciously receive their help in the most positive ways. When people ask me for help, I graciously help them as well in the most positive ways. I embody a very respectful attitude, and make people feel respected when I am both asking for help and/or administering help.

Freedom: I am free from constantly judging, evaluating, criticizing myself and everything around me. I can live life joyously without taking everything so seriously. I live in the present and allow myself to enjoy life and take things with a gentle heart. I allow myself accept what is around me and am fulfilled.

Best: I allow myself to have and experience the very best in the universe. I know, understand, believe, and accept that I deserve what is what is the very best for me. When I do have the very best for me, I am able to recognize, appreciate and cherish what I have and be very fulfilled and satisfied.

Good Health Decisions: I allow myself to take care of my own body in the very best way. I go to sleep at a good time and allow myself to make decisions and create habits that are beneficial to my mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health. My body and mind thanks myself to making such good decisions and taking such good care of myself.

Easy Fulfillment: I am very easily satisfied and fulfilled. I am very easily amused, impressed and content. It is very easy to make me happy and I am happy and smiling all the time. :) I allow myself to embrace and live in the flow and joy of life. 

Flexible: I am flexible, open-minded and can see other people's point of view. I am easy going and can go with the flow and understand other people's viewpoint. I allow myself to be happy and relaxed even if things do not turn out as planned and do not go my way. I allow myself to improvise and go with the flow - and what is best for life. It is easy for me to be flexible and make the best of any situation I am in. 

- Relationships -

Best: I allow myself to accept the very best in life. I allow myself to be the best version of myself. I allow myself to give myself the greatest love and approval of myself as I am. I allow myself to truthfully see the very best in myself. I am alive to the joys of living.


Respect: My friends and I mutually respect each other. We respect each other's lifestyles, opinions, and differences. We are open to new ideas and ways of thinking. We help each other learn and grow.

Adventures: My friends and I have fun, go on adventures, laugh and have a good time. We explore the world and stay curious.

Authentic: My friends and I are cool, confident, sexy, we embrace our unique identities and don't give a fuck about what others think. We are authentic and live life with integrity.

Loyal: My friends and I are thoughtful, caring, kind and mellow. We help support each other in times of crisis and joy. We are there for each other. We are trustworthy and loyal. We make it a point to make a positive impact on the world. We are here to help others and do good.


Healthy: My family and I have a healthy lifestyle. We have a healthy work/life balance.  We make time to spend family time with each, talk, relax, eat and have fun. We go on vacations where we get to relax, recharge and connect with with other. We live life with purpose and integrity.


Attraction: My romantic partner and I are both really emotionally and physically attracted to each other. We keep things exciting and the romance alive.

Importance and Respect: We make each other feel important. We make time for each other.  We make each other feel loved, valued and heard.  We like the way we feel when we are around each other.  We respect one another. We see the inherent value within ourselves - inner confidence and self acceptance.  Thus, we are also able to see the value within others. 

Communication: We allow ourselves to communicate with each other in a earnest, honest and open manner. We are very candid about our thoughts and openly express our opinions, needs and desires. The honestly is balanced a level of compassion so we are considerate with each others feelings. 

Humor: We can make jokes and have fun with each other. The humor ranges from raunchy to classy. We are pretty laid back and open-minded. We are fun and playful. We have a healthy and engaging relationship.

Satisfaction: We are both very satisfied, content, and fulfilled with our relationship. We respect, love, appreciate and cherish each other.

Acceptance: We are very close and understand accept each other's strengths and weakness. We accept and love each other unconditionally. Even though we are close, we allow each other to have freedom and our own unique identities.

Healthy: We are both healthy, make time for exercise, healthy eating, sleep, self-love and have fun. We make time for each other, for family and friends and other important people in our lives. We let each other feel loved and care for.

Sexual Enjoyment: We allow each other to embrace the pleasures of our physical body and have exciting sexual experiences. We allow ourselves to do what we want without feeling judged or embarrassed. It is safe for us to enjoy ourselves.

Openness: acknowledged by family. invited into her world.
potential for marriage.

Compassion: caring, compassion, great with kids,

Smart: smart, driven, career.

Play: not that busy. free. open schedule.

sexy, confident, take risks, adventure, commitment to pushing comfort zone and growth.

cool, forgiving, loving.

funny, humorous, playful, sweet, cute.