Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sean Cheetham & Nathan Fowkes wk 8

Sean's class - wk 8

Animal Quicksketch in Nathan's class this week 

I just started Sketchbook 31 - the paper is actually a bright salmon - but it scans to a very pleasing tan. I'm pleased. 
Jean from LAAFA - photo ref

artificial light studies

painting studies
Disneyland plein air
cute girl from tumblr
after Max Kulich

originals created after studies

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Environment Painting Wk1

Hey so I'm starting up a Environment Design class with Charles Lee and Him Lur at Kazone Art Academy. The first week we went over some basic art principles regarding light source. I was painting along while the teacher was demoing.

contre jour (backlit)
streets and night condition
window light

HW this week is 20 thumbnails. I'll be posting these as I go.

back lit
direct light
night conditions

just whatever...
direct light
night conditions

hidden light source


cast shadow


night scene

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sean Cheetham & Nathan Fowkes wk 6 + 7

Lots of stuff these last 2 weeks. Scroll all the way down for a special treat! 
some sketchbook pages
Mike Hussar studies

Nathan Fowkes classwork - double colored lights!
some landscapes for fun 
basic exercises 
little gouache painting of a dude with a sci-fi twist
Ala prima wk 7 - 5 hr pose
Figure Quick Sketch at LCAD using Nathan Fowkes watercolor style. Model was  on point!!
She did a b-boy freeze, bridge, and a bunch of yoga and kung-fu poses. SICK!

Here is the special treat!
 Sean Cheetham's photo demo.  I think it's good to note the work done before the actual painting. He said it took him a long time to take the photo and choose which one to paint. There was also a great deal of effort photoshopping the photo to get it to his liking. He printed out 4-5 different versions, some with photoshop filters, cropped a little bigger, and looked at them in rotation during his painting.