Monday, September 23, 2013

Pretty in Pink - Dr. Sketchy's

So I was Dr. Sketchy's again yesterday. I was pretty happy there. I like the music and I like the people. I've been working on drawing with a more cartoony animated style. And I am REALLY happy with the progress I've been making. I usually draw figures in a more realistic & representational style. This is originally really hard for me, and I'm really pleased with my progress.

Overall, what I've been doing is assigning a "intent" for each sketch. I would give it a title/ idea and emphasize that idea with the pose, thereby giving it a story.

I'm so sexy (top) / I'm so cool (below)

Want to come to bed?

Delicious cookie

Want a cookie? (This picture was my favorite. I actually had a side view, but I decided to just redraw the angle of the pose, and use the model just as reference to convey the idea of my story)
Superpower pony

celebrity queen watching television naked (porn?)

feels so good