Monday, October 17, 2011

Sleep deprived Model & Plein Air Painting

I think a lot of times when we are figure drawing - we take the model at face value and draw what we think and project our assumptions of who the model is. Last saturday at Courbet Art Circle, we had the honor of having the gorgeous Krystal Pistol model for us. At first glance, you see her bright red hair, her dayglow green tube top, and the blanket of tattoos that enveloped her body.  However, after talking to her - what you realize is that she is a hard working single mother of 3 kids who was up since 5am this morning. During the 5 hour figure drawing session, you could see that she was really tired, struggling just to stay awake.

For those of my friends who were at Northwood, Art Center, Carnegie Mellon - you know what it's like to be working with only a couple hours of sleep. Everything aches and everything hurts.  This was the feeling I was trying to express in this drawing.
I'm sure you can relate.
Full Figure 
Some plein air painting. I don't think it turned out that good - but the teacher seemed to think it was really great. That honestly really troubles me. I'll be doing a lot more of these guys and hope to see some improvement. 


  1. hi Chris! met u at ctn. see i knew i seen ur blog before. this is the jennifer you thought was han guo ren. lol.

  2. haha oh hey jen! i was like.. wut the heck is han guo ren. i thought that was a chinese name or something. where is your blog huh?

  3. haha don't have one yet! too newb. will!