Saturday, October 1, 2011

Digital Sketching

Right now - my goal is to work on some digital sketching and really figure out Photoshop. 
Here I'm figuring out Luminosity, Brightness, Saturation,   A & B Sliders. I'm working in a very slow and methodical way. I'm trying to figure out the relationships of different colors. I had a lot of fun doing this and I definitely learned a lot.

I wanted to do an exercise to practice my digital painting. It's crap.   I realize that I can't really control my lines and create the shapes I wanted to.

This is another portrait exercise to practice my digital sketching fluency.  It's a little bit better, but still pretty bad. 

I wanted an exercise to just practice my ability to accurately make lines and shapes. I decided to draw the alphabet in 3D. I made this typeface up in my head so it's pretty crummy.  Regardless, I think it's a pretty good exercise. I felt like this was my first successful digital sketch. Before, I used to always sketch on paper and scan it in. But I want to have the choice to sketch digitally if I want to.

This typeface is Helvetica Bold. I did the same thing except I had the letters all facing the opposite direction. As you can see, it's much better than my first try. It's a lot of controlled and a lot cleaner. I'll try another digital still life tomorrow and see if it's any better. 

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