Thursday, October 15, 2009

Memorable Figure Drawing Session

I only posted 3 drawings because I felt these were my best ones. I don't think all of my stuff was really successful that day - but the model was very memorable.  He was playing music, had all these props, and was really in character.  He did this Titanic themed pose, a Passion of the Christ Pose, this really sad "Death of a Salesmen" like pose - and a bunch of others.  The model made it really feel like you were drawing a real character and there was a story behind the scene.  Overall - it was really fun and was a really memorable session.

Oh - and what I'm about to say has nothing to do with drawing. But I was playing 1v1 basketball with my friend Charles.  It was game point, and we both weren't making any shots because we were kind of tired.  At one point, I had the ball and was about to make a layup, but he blocks me to the point where I'm behind the backboard with no where else to go.  Desperate, I do a hail mary shot and throw the ball over the backboard and it goes it in the basketball.  Boom, I won the game with a behind the backboard shot.  What an awesome day.

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