Friday, October 2, 2009

6 servants adaptation!

what if....

In this future, robots are very advanced and have personalities. A giant robot manufacturing announces that he will let his daughter marry any man who is able to survive his 3 tests.

Our protagonist is a poor nobody, he sells robot parts. He is very honest and has strong moral principles. Once he sees the picture of the girl, he falls in love (or so he thinks). His other friends think the girl is hot and they try to compete for he challenges. He travels a long journey. Along the way, he meets some broken robots. He earns the robot's trust by fixing them. He takes him a lot of time and effort to fix the robots, and he is worried about someone else finding the girl first, but he has a kind heart.

He finally reaches the girl's palace. Everybody so far who tried the tasks failed. The 6 servants help him complete the tasks. And it is very epic. It is very very epic. So he finishes. The girl ends up marrying the guy in a small wedding wedding because she is ashamed. The guy tries his best to love the girl, but she doesn't love him back because she is very disappointed that the guy is a nobody. The girl complains all the time, and satisfies her desires by going clubbing and drinking. The guy finds the girl very annoying. The robots are his only friends. He realizes for all that suffering for the girl, he didn't even want her . The girl ends up running away, getting drunk one night and somehow dies. The guy then re-evaluates how he has spent his life and see his true friends in a new way. the robots are his true friends.

the moral is to take your time and look at the world around you. Your friends are already there. You just have to realize them.


  1. cool thanks robin. i just look up chobits on youtube. the chobits girl is pretty hot. lol

  2. oh okay - i just checked out the story. the advanced robot thing of chobits is similar, but the robots in my story serve a different purpose to present a different message. The robots are metaphors for servants. They are the lower class in society. The protagonist respects them and is kind to them, thus he is rewarded.

  3. hey this reminds me of my photo project where you take a myth and adapt it to present times :O