Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Figure Quick Sketch, Portraits, Gesture Drawings

Hey - I just wanted to take time to say thanks to everyone who reads my blogs and sends me comments. I'm honored that you take the time to look at my artwork.  I feel like I've been growing a lot recently - artistically and as a person. Once you toss aside your ego - and get rid of inhibitions - you can have limitless potential to do what you really love.

Recently - I started to do some full figure drawings instead of just doing portraits. I'm always up to challenge myself. I'll probably tackle some full figure paintings soon. 

I also tried to do a portrait of my friend this past week. It's much more difficult than drawing a model. The likeness has to be so much more on point. If the drawing looks great and it doesn't look like your friend - ultimately it's a failure. So it's a really great way to challenge yourself. :)

Practicing Figure Quick Sketch - Inspired from the Stuff at Watts Atelier (




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