Friday, June 24, 2011

Karl Gnass Workshop at Animation Guild

Last Saturday - I attended a "Expression, Character and Story" Karl Gnass workshop at Animation Guild. I decided to try it out because the 5 hour workshop was only $60. l. It sounded like a great deal, I heard good things about the school, and it fit my schedule.

The models were terrific. They held very dynamic poses and facial expressions for 8 minute poses. These guys were true professionals - not many models are able to accomplish such feats. In addition - they constantly changed costumes and props to enhance the character of the pose. 

The workshop was mostly drawing with lecture material sprinkled during breaks. Karl talked about the expression, character and story. He advocated empathizing and embodying the expression from within instead of seeking to capture it. When drawing from 2 models, he had us get the gesture of the two models instead of drawing each model individual. This advice was particularly effective.

"Where we going?"
 beginning of workshop sketch

3 min facial expression poses 

riding cowboy! last sketch of workshop

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