Friday, April 29, 2011

500 environments!!!

So tired... finished quota for the week! Will post tomorrow!

So last month - I made a post saying I was going to do 1000 environments. To initiate the project, I set out to complete 500 environments in 10 weeks. Once I break it down, it doesn't sound too bad. :)

--> 100 environments every 2 weeks.
   --> 50 environments every week.
       --> 5 days a week, 10 environments a day.
          --> 8 sketches, 2 paintings

Today I was at Irvine Spectrum. There were a lot of people there on a Friday night/ afternoon, so I ended up meeting a lot of cool people!

Now I know what a hot girl feels like at a bar. When I was doing my drawings, I could feel a lot of people checking me out (my drawings.. not me). Occasionally some people would approach me and we would have some good conversation.  I met a Spectrum employee named Danny, an Art Center graduate named Julie, this little 5 year old British girl named "Elena," this Greek arm wrestling dude - Nick, and a group of teenagers who were really enthusiastic and friendly - "Sophia and friends." Some kids would straight up go to me and be like "WOW that's cool!" Others kind of glance at me really quickly, hoping I wouldn't notice them. Or, a lot of people just gave me a sincere compliment and politely let me continue my work. I actually kind of enjoyed the attention because it gave me a lot of positive energy to draw. But as I got friendlier, there was this annoying dude who gave me coins and pamphlets in his attempt to sell me on his religion. He really irritated me, and I had to ask him to leave.

Overall - it was really fun to meet so many cool people.  Most people were really friendly, some were shy and awkward, and there was the occasional prick.  Even though it was fun getting so much attention, it was also distracting.

But honestly - that's the beauty of plein air painting for you.  It's an encompassing experience where you get to listen, see, smell, and interact with the environment you're painting. It adds character and a story to the painting. :D

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  1. LMAOOO!!! i love this... feeling like a hot girl at a bar xD that's hilarious! omgggg when do you go to the spectrum?! maybe i can come sketch with you sometime? unless you prefer to be alone then that's fine too xD i'm sure it's cool to see someone painting in the spectrum :) don't see that too often

    i hate those religious converters -__-

    really cool though :) it's awesome that you're keeping up with your 1000 environment goal! :D