Friday, November 26, 2010

BZ Booth - Can't Stop Won't Stop

Hey guys - I meant to post this really cool project on my blog a while back. This Booth was created for a company called Boogiezone (  The Booth debuted at the "Enkore" Dance competition which took place around mid-October.  For this project, I created concept drawings and was in charge of designing and constructing the life-size cutouts.  Special shout-outs to Elm Pizarro, Kalen Chock, Stefanie Hyunh, Dave Koepke, and Jeff Losaria for being great people on this project.

 Self Adhesive Paper

Gator board - like foamcore but with cardstock backing. Super hard to cut. 
The usual - 2x4s


Test assembly in my garage

ASA <3 - can't stop won't stop. 

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  1. whoa damn that is pretty legit :) whered you get the cutouts printed from?!