Saturday, September 18, 2010

Crime Noir

I was the colorist for this set of isometric images. The client that was creating a Crime Noir style game.  He wanted the colors to be dark, warm yet bright and colorful.  These images depict the life of a mafia guy.  (I didn't do the lineart.)

These are sketches for a different set of images I created for the client. Even though I spent a week working on these sketches, I actually didn't get paid for this set of images because the client didn't like my style. So to other artists out there - it's a good idea to have the client pay you half of the money in advance so he doesn't waste your time. Your time is valuable and not free. Work hard - but be smart!

The client emailed me about 1 month later asking me back as a colorist. I colored this image in for the client and sent it to him. However, he never got back to me. It's not that much of a setback, but as a lesson to other starting artists out there - be sure to get paid in advance, or at least watermark your images so a client doesn't steal your work. 


  1. hmm that's a bummer :(

    Chris!!!! I'm taking product design class at pratt, and I'm really enjoying it so much that I'm thinking of applying to the grad program. But before jumping the gun, I want to know pros/cons of ID. Do you have any advice about going into this type of design as a career? Job prospects? Some good 2cents to know? THANKS!

  2. Hi Slyvia. I'm actually not going into ID as a career. lol. it's boring to me.

    ID as a career is good is you like building CAD models, problem solving, sketch, research ....
    However, it does take a lot of work. Yeah there is a lot of work. Do you like product design?

  3. Cool... you should definitely made them sign a contract and have them make a deposit up front before you start work. This dude you're working for sounds a bit sketchy... You could've also put in the contract that you'll get paid for sketches, even if they don't like them xD

  4. Hmm...I like the drawing aspect of product design...that's what i'm learning so far ^^;;; I enjoy eco-friendly products and maybe sustainable design and architecture? I want to build products with more quality and general, i just want to make things aesthetically pleasing hahaha but I'm not sure, still looking around and finding what I like. tell me what other designs are out there!

    Are you going into exhibition design? I can see you working for movies in the future :D