Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sketchbook Update

Dear Sketchblog,

Hi, I'm Chris. Nice to meet you.  I'll be sharing  some of my sketches from my sketchbook.  They won't be high quality scans, but quick little shots from my webcam. I hope this method of posting will encourage me to post on a regular basis.  I've recently been introduced to blogger, and I've been really pleased with how easy and simple it is to use. 
These entire year, I've been having trouble drawing in my sketchbook.  For the post 3 years I've been in college, I think I've been losing enthusiasm and inspiration.  However, hopefully I'll be able to get my passion back.  

First of all, I'll be starting my classes at Concept Design Academy this upcoming Saturday.  I'll be taking a Creature Design and a Figure Drawing Class.  I'm a big fan of the figure drawing teachers drawing style (Kevin Chen).  I've download 100+ images of his work from, and having made studies of many of those images.  Second, I've been regularly attending a sketchgroup that my friend Kalen introduced me to.  These group of friends are really talented and work really work, I've really been inspired to get my game on.  Third, I think this new Sketchblog is really cool, and I look forward to using it often.  

CRITIQUES and comments are all welcome.  See you soon Sketchblog - Chris Chien

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