Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Progress on goals

I think it's a very desirable and useful behavior to be able to set goals and actually accomplish them. These are some goals that I have set out to accomplish.

1) MORE JUICE Started 6.22.2011
My goal was to do art more. Last June, I was only drawing 10-15 hours/ week.  For about a year, I tracked the number of hours I've been drawing. Last week, I hit my personal record of 52 hours in a week. I currently average 40-50 hours of art in a week. That's 500% of what I started out. I'm proud to say that this project has been a tremendous success.

Changing my behavior was no simple task. I had to frequently readjust my plans and lifestyle, balance work, play, exercise and sleep. It was a mental and physical challenge. I'm very happy that I was able to keep at this goal for such an extended period of time. 

2) ART IS LIKE A SPORT Started 11.22.2011
This was a campaign to get some base mileage for my Production Painting class with Mathais. My goal was to get better at digital painting and specifically environment design. The idea was to create 72 environment paintings based on a set genre and location. I only was able to accomplish 1/3 of what I originally set out but I improved with the 24 paintings I did finish. I'm okay with not finishing this project, since I feel it is more important to get 10 extraordinary portfolio pieces rather than 72 adequate ones. I think that was the biggest lesson - I should take more time making something looking really good, rather than little time and make it mediocre.

3) 1000 ENVIRONMENT Started 3.19.2011
This was another campaign to get good at drawing and painting environments.  I think I created about 200 environments for this project and I had a great time with it. However, I want to work on more detailed, finished pieces than just creating 1-2 hour studies.

4) CONCEPT ART Started 3.23.12
I realized I had never set a goal to get good at "concept art," which is what I want to get a job in. So while I was getting good at figure drawing and landscape painting, that wasn't helping that much.
My new goal is to get really really good at concept art!! I want my work to look just as good or better than that stuff in those "Art of" books, and be featured on
Here I go!!


  1. I freakin love this post! :D I definitely need to apply more tracking to my work. It looks like it helps a lot.
    Keep it up, Christophe!

  2. Nice, keep it going! Love the organization and the break down of the mileage you're aiming for. Are you going to post them when you're done?

  3. Hey Ed - thanks. I've posted everything I had done so far on the blog. I'm not continuing the goals #2, #3 - 1000 environments. I'm focusing on great a few really good portfolio pieces instead.

  4. Wow, you're super disciplined, Chris!!! You've really improved since I've last seen your work in Ed's class. I wish I could go down to LA and join the fun of taking all those classes too.

    I wonder if I should start adopting your method so I don't keep flopping to different sides when it comes to work and friends hehe.

    I heard Red Engine has pretty good concept design stuff you can learn from if you're not there already. Concept is superrr fun :) Good luck!

  5. yeah i heard some really good stuff about red engine. i plan on taking some of their stuff in the future. there's a place called "kazone" near my house - and it's like a little cda. ;)

    yeah - i'm a pretty disciplined person in general. I started to keep track of how much time i spend with friends in order to INCREASE the time that I spend hanging out. otherwise .. i can get pretty reclusive.