Sunday, April 8, 2012

Greek Sculpture Study

I'll be doing a series of masterstudies to familiarize myself more with photoshop.
This study is to learn to achieve hard vs soft edges in photoshop. 
My teacher's technique (Mathias Verhasselt) is to just use the soft round brush (opacity jitter on, size jitter off).  Bigger results in softer edges, smaller brush results in harder edges. No variation on the actual "hardness" setting of the brush.

just tracing - only takes 1-2 hours. making notes on where there are hard, soft, crisp, lost edges. riley style!! :D
I realize later my notes are almost useless. lol

this takes another 5 hours. very tedious. Values and color picking.

Refining edges is the hardest stage. the last stage took another 5 hours.  gained a lot of sensitivity on our to use the brush. Nothing can help you except.. perseverance.  Total took probably 10-12 hours.

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