Monday, April 2, 2012

Wondercon Reflections

So last month I was at Wondercon in Anaheim, California. I had a couple breakthroughs. 

First of all, I created a print portfolio to show to Lucas Films licensing.  This is probably the first time I created a print portfolio in 4 years. It made me realize what my skill level is currently at. Not as good as I thought! 

After getting 3 minutes of feedback from the Lucas Films guy - I realized I could show my portfolio to professionals in the exhibit hall. They were super happy to help me out, and I didn't have to wait an HOUR to see them. Making a print portfolio was a great idea!

Lucas Films dude suggested that I get my foot in the door ASAP to get experience. If you want to know the industry standard for movies - just look at the "Art of" Books. Your work has to be at LEAST that good or BETTER. That is the standard.

Victoria Ying suggested that I saturate my shadows a bit more for luminosity. 

Mike Yamada suggested that I include sketches and designs with my illustration to showcase my design skills. 

Jim Silke said while my painting skills were good, my drawing skills were really poor. So Draw Better! In terms of my subject, he told me to put myself into it. It doesn't matter if it's big tits or fast cars - do what you love and it will be good.

Mike Hayes suggested that I take more time with my work and make sure that I crossed my T's and dotted my I's. I draw a building, and my lines were crooked and not even - he was like - it doesn't take skill to draw evenly spaced lines - even a 3 year old good do that. Start slow. You will get fat at doing it good vs getting fast at just doing it bad. 

These were great critiques! And if you click on the links, you will notice that these guys are all from different fields. These conventions are a great place to get feedback on your work. Most of those artists are standing around doing nothing in the artist alley/ exhibit hall. They are super happy to look to your work. I strongly recommend it to all artists.

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