Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sean Cheetham and Nathan Fowkes wk 4

5 hr figure painting pose. I was trying to focus on shapes.
Painting looked funny when I stood far away.
Gotta work on drawing and halftones.
The model looked liked Rose's fiance from Titanic.
What do yall think?

2 hr head drawing. Nathan helped me a bit on this one.
Was focusing on halftones. Gotta work more on modeling.


  1. Can I ask what charcoal's Nathan recommends? I know he uses compressed charcoal, but am not sure what type?

  2. he uses alphacolor char-kole and ritbo 3b. the supplies for his portrait class are listed here.

  3. Thank you Chris. I'm not sure the Ritmo's are so easy to obtain in Europe, but I'm led to believe the Primo (euro) charcoal pencils are very similar. Will be interesting to see if alphacolor char-kole is also available in Europe, though perhaps I can substitute with Creta chunky charcoal.
    Good luck with your continued studies (you're evidently learning from the best!) and thanks again for the information!

  4. You're welcome "Anonymous" :) best of luck! nathan recently released portrait drawing dvd - so you should def check it out if you haven't already.