Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Art is like a Sport

I'm going to rack up my base mileage for my digital painting class with Mathias Verhasselt at Kazone Art Academy next term.

Art like a sport. This is especially true when you are learning a new style or technique.  Robh Ruppel compares art to cycling (link). In professional cycling, you have to ride 100-200 miles per week before you can start thinking about technique. Similarly, Mr. Miyagi had the karate kid wax hundreds of cars before he started actually learning karate technique. And in popping, you have to practice hitting for hours on end before you can start actually freestyling (Poreotics video).

Task: Paint 12 environment locations in 6 different genres. 72 paintings total.
Schedule: 12 paintings per week for 6 weeks =  24 hours of painting/ week. (Estimated 144 hrs total)
Deadline: Jan 1, 2012
Objective: Just get it done. Use any technique, method, style. 

1. Underwater
2. Arctic
3. Forest
4. Jungle
5. Ocean
6. Fire
7. Sky
8. Mountains
9. Desert
10. City
11. Interiors
12. Asia

1. Sci-Fi
2. Steampunk
3. Robots
4. Roman Mythology
5. Fantasy
6. Post-Apocalyptic