Thursday, April 5, 2012

LAAFA Workshop Review - Mike Butkus and Rey Bustos

Last March I attended LAAFA's open house. There were two 2hr complimentary demos by Mike Butkus and Rey Bustos. Not only were these presentations tres tres dope - the reception included cake, cookies, strawberries and whipped cream! I know this sounds crazy, but the deliciousness of these snacks rivaled the Porto pastries provided by Estelle at the CDA workshops. :) lol

Mike Butkus did a zombi demo with acrylic and airbrush (left). He also brought in stacks of his original sketches as well as many of his original illustrations. It was inspirational to see how prolific professionals are. One of his tips to young artists was to hang out with other really good artists and learn from them.

Rey Bustos studied from Burne Hogarth himself. He was super excited and share his passion with anatomy with us. He prepared handouts for each one of the students, drew some back muscles, and sculpted the muscles on this little skeleton he made. 

These workshops are easily worth lots of money. LAAFA hosts these free workshops once every quarter - so you should definitely go when you have the chance.

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