Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sean Cheetham and Nathan Fowkes Wk 3

Week three of my Sean and Nathan combo at LAAFA.  Sean's long pose class focuses on likeness and accuracy, and Nathan class focuses on simplicity. A powerful combo targeting both ends of the spectrum.

5 hr pose

watercolor figure studies. 3-5 minutes


  1. Hey Chris, can you talk more about this class focused in likeness and accuracy. Do you have some notes or tips about this?

  2. Ok sure this is pretty easy. Most art teachers want you to draw in simple shapes and forms. treat the head like a ball. Treat the torso like a box. Treat the nose like a geometrical structure. Use the reilly guidelines and shapes to build the figure. Use this formula. Always draw the gesture/ spine first. Things start to look really good and really the same. Many figure drawing teachers care more about learning how to see things in volume and honing that technique.

    However... Sean does portrait painting professionally of very specific characters. He needs that portrait to look like that person. The head is not a ball. Cuz it actually isn't. When you draw a eye or a nose.. just try to make it look like that person's nose. Make the mouth look like that person's mouth. He doesn't generalize or draw a ideal nose. He draws that person's nose. This method because more about the likeness and accuracy.. rather than honing technique for communicating volume.

    The volume technique is more suited for beginners or artists looking to hone technique. While the likeness/ accuracy approach is more about creating something very spot on and specific. Of course, the two approaches can be used simultaneously and build upon each other.