Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sean Cheetham & Nathan Fowkes Notes Wk 1-2

I have the honor and privilege of studying with two very awesome painters at LAAFA: Sean Cheetham and Nathan Fowkes.  I'll be posting up class notes and homework.

WK 1 & 2 : Portrait Painting with Sean Cheetham
The first week was a demo. Some notes I took included:
- Sean draws using abstract shapes. Doesn't use construction. 
- As far as likeness, exaggerate rather than do generic. Otherwise it just looks more generic later on.
- He washes the shadows with thin paint, and paints the lights opaquely. It gives this "relief" effect.
- Don't stare at the shadows too long, stare at the light and find the value relationship. 
- Don't leave anything on the canvas that is wrong - or it will affect your judgement on other stuff.

My 5 hour painting for week 2.

WK 1 & 2 : Sketching from Life with Nathan Fowkes
This is class is a combination of figure quick sketch, head drawing, costume, animals, and nature. 
Nathan describes 4 challenges of drawing from life:
1) practice: sketchbook everyday
2) time limit: distill complexity to a simple read on the surface in short amount of time.
3) value limitations: cannot draw what you see. You have to edit it down. 
4) perception: simply the complexity. don't exaggerate detail.

Week 1: We first started with drawing basic shapes. Then, we turned them into basic simplified silhouettes. Nathan wanted us to simplify it as much as possible. Finally, we used contours to established a sense of form.
Week 2: We moved into using value. We created positive and negative shapes of the figure - again simplifying it as much as possible. Next, we used simple form shading and a negative black silhouette to accentuate the pose.

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