Monday, February 25, 2013

wk1 - caricatures and theme park

Gonna try to post consistently on Mondays. 

Some progress on caricatures. Getting better. 
at the great park. hot air balloon. 
batman and catwoman. catwoman's face is kinda messed up.
Beach couple. great people to draw. Girl was hotter in real life. Gotta work on drawing more "sexy" girls. So far I've been only drawing "cute" girls.
beauty and the beast. classic 
woody and bo peep. i think this one turned out really well. i like the sheep. reminds me of the sheep from warcraft. :)

 Working on Theme Park portfolio.

Concept for How to Train Your Dragon Ride

 Concept for Tron Ride
value rough. did this so many times.
added bikers to make it cooler and tell story of ride.
refinement. adding pop!
color thumbs. i didn't like any of them. 
this one was okay. 
getting there.. but still not happy with color scheme. i'll probably have to redesign some of the stuff.
doesn't "feel" right .

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