Monday, March 4, 2013

wk2 - caricatures, letterbrush and theme park

My friend Ashley. Doesn't really look like her - but just trying to get a pleasing drawing down. Doing the "Minnie" costume for the first time.
Alice! A company called Party Karacters recruited me to work with them.

My photographer friend Kenny. I was kind of nervous when he asked me to do this cuz he was an artist himself.
But he liked it! So cool.
My cool friends Andy and Amy. They work afterschool programs for kids.

Name Paintings
Jack Skellington is in the house!
Avatar - the Last Airbender
Superheroes - DC + Marvel
Jetsons, Flintsons, She-Ra + Disney!
Winnie the Pooh!
Mickey and Friends on BLACK paper! Woot!

Theme Park Portfolio

color is eh... but i like the design and drawing.
working on more some color.

I decided to just redesign the buildings in Tron land a bit so it's just cooler.

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