Monday, February 18, 2013

Topographic forms and Cut out Filter.

Hey Estevao -this post is for you. So sometimes I want to paint something that is complicated - and it's not your usual figure drawing model that has one simple spot light with lots of clear cast and form shadows.
not everything is as simple as this.

This model has very subtle features, very curly hair, and almost no cast shadows on her face. She has lots of make up - and has probably been photoshopped as well. Usually, figure drawing people would avoid these kinds of images to draw - but I personally like the way they look. So I'm going to do it anyways.

This is one of my techniques. I try to treat the form like a topographical map and I use the Photoshop "Cut Cut" filter as an aid. Sean Cheetham does something similar - but he used the "Paint Daubs" filter.  Find what works for you.

The middle on is SUPER simplified. I like that a lot. And the one of the right is more realistic - if I want to bring it closer to a photo finish.

Of course - it's good to be able to paint without the aid of the computer. So when I paint live models - I don't have a crutch and I'm able to put on the filter with my mind.

Take care man and draw well!

- Chris


  1. Great!! Thanks a lot Chris! This was very helpful. I'm difficult to see with "the mind filter", do you think that if we practice doing the computer approach we get more skill to see this topology in real life?

  2. Yeah... just use the computer as an aid when you first start out. You will get the hang of it!