Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CDA, Red Engine, 3Kicks, LAAFA, Watts, Animation Guild, Animation Academy

I always wanted to draw and paint really well.  Recently - I realized that my dreams could all come true. There are tons of great art studios in the area, offering thousands of hours of class a year!  Concept Design, figure painting/ drawing, plein air painting, animation...  it's all here in LA. Over the next 3-4 years, I'm going to dedicate myself to fulfilling my dream. This opportunity was always in front of me, I just never realized it.

- Concept Design Academy (http://www.conceptdesignacad.com) $510
- Red Engine (http://www.redenginestudios.com) $355 - $595

- 3 Kicks Studio (http://3kickstudio.com) $480
- LAAFA (http://www.laafa.org) $50-695
- Watts Atelier (http://www.wattsatelier.com) $375

- Animation Guild (http://animationguild.org/education/) $180-$300
- The Animation Academy (http://theanimationacademy.com/) $325

So far I've taken classes at CDA, 3Kicks and LAAFA. CDA has a great learning environment and quality service. The only downside is that it's so darn popular and the classes are so full that the instructors may not give you as much personal attention.

I've also taken class at 3Kicks. While it's right next to CDA, the studio space is much smaller and attracts a fewer number of students. However, the quality of instruction is still great (only 4-6 people in my Head Drawing class with Glen Orbik).

I've only taken one workshop at LAAFA - a Nathan Fowkes color class. But by the vibe and the work hanging from the walls - I already know that these people are really serious about their work - they don't fuck around. There's a large variety of workshops and classes at LAAFA and they have some really gangsta artists like Steven Houston and Nathan Fowkes.

My plan is to alternate my studies between foundation and digital painting/ design classes. Take some figure painting then environment design, some plein air then some entertainment design, some figure drawing then some character design. I plan to really strengthen my foundation in painting/ drawing, and apply that technique towards conceptual art.


  1. Awesome, I've never heard of Watts!

    Anyways, I highly recommend the Animation Guild, like 110%. Mostly fundamentals related stuff, but I can't tell you how amazing the place is--literally the BEST teachers/artists and it's ridiculous how much I've gotten out of the guild for the amount I've paid--I mind as well just drop out of private college. I'm currently taking three classes there. If I were you, take a class as soon as you can (and if it's next summer, better sign up fast!)!

  2. Cool. I'm taking classes at CDA. Its been really great! and nice portfolio you have Chris!

  3. Got your link from Elora's blogs. REALLY nice work. The Guild is pretty good for the price and the teaching. I wanna take more at LAAFA, are you planning taking more classes over there?

  4. Cool man. Yeah - I plan to take some nathan fowkes workshop this coming fall. im starting some watts stuff next week. i live in irvine so it's closer to me.

  5. watt's is cheaper...might have to consider taking classes there. have you heard or taking good classes over there?

  6. yeah i heard the stuff there is excellent.
    i'm starting a class next friday. so ill be posting some work and stuff.

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