Friday, July 24, 2009

Touched up paintings

Spent about 2 hours touching up these paintings.


  1. nice... I don't dig creatures at all. But for your reference, check out the Half Life 2 book they have at CDA (it's on the rightmost bookshelf by the coffee with the Cosmic Motors book on the top row.) The creature designs in it are really really nice.

    I dunno, some parts of it are nice and have good constrast, but a lot of it lacks form and looks like of fudged together... especially the anatomy. For example the frontmost foot of the first creature. I feel like it should have more of a palm to rest on, but the way it's drawn/positioned makes it look like it's trying to tip toe.

  2. i don't dig creatures as in... i dont like that stuff. not i dont dig your designs