Friday, July 10, 2009

Creature Design HW

This is homework done for my creature design class. Had a blast doing these guys - probably because I did them over the course of many days instead of cramming them last minute. Also probably because I got hang of the routine of designing creatures also.

Troll .. grrrr... scary!!! I think these guys look pretty cool. Some anatomy problems.. but I'll draw through more next time.

Dwarf - made them a little weird looking. Oh shoot, I just realized that 1,2,3 seem to look like goblins instead of dwaves. 4 looks like I messed up on anatomy. And 5,6 just look kind of retarded. Oh well, it was pretty fun drawing these guys. I felt these were well drawn, but not well rendered.

I had fun doing these fairys... I actually don't think they look too good. I was looking at a Victoria Ying sketchbook for reference - but it didn't really show through. Not really beautiful or sexy looking in the slightest bit - but I think I could improve upon that.

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