Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love or Ego

Hey, I feel like I have an ego when it comes to art and design. I've always wanted to be better for the sake of being better. It's almost like some everlasting battle. And this battle isn't like to become some kind of Pokemon master or something (because Ash is driven by his love for Pokemon). Sometimes I feel like it is some kind of gang fight where the object is to pummel the opponent into smithereens.

Okay, I think this is my ego problem.
1. I try to get good at something.
2. Someone is recognized for being better than I am.
3. My ego is triggered, and I am determined to not stop until I am better.
4. I try very hard to get good.
5. They finally do recognize how good I am, and I am happy.
6. My success has made me cocky and unapproachable to people.
7. I no longer strive to become even better, because I was driven by a short term goal.
8. Other people become better than me.
9. Repeat steps 3-8.

I think I want to be something like this.
1. You like something.
2. You discover that you love it.
3. Even thought people tell you are not good at it, or whatever they may say. You keep on doing it because you love it. Adversity does not distinguish your flame.
4. You constantly are exploring and seeking out other people who share your passion. Constantly seeking to get better.
5. Because ego does not play a part in this process, negative comments will not cause resentment. Positive comments will not cause arrogance.
6. You continue to pursue and share your passion with others, and you are eternally happy. (way this might be a little optimistic)

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