Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Japanese Art of Decluttering - KonMari Method - How to Clean your Room

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So this is a video I made showing you how to clean your room. The whole premise is to figure out what things "SPARK JOY" in your life - and throw all your other shit away. lol

What I learned

In the book (The life changing magic of tidying up) - the author talks about organizing the following categories - clothes, books, documents, misc items, and sentimental items. It's a really in depth process and there is a lot of digging and internal reflection involved. It's like psychiatric treatment. I actually haven't fully completely the process cuz there is some areas I haven't fully cleaned up yet. I think what I really learned is...

- Ask yourself if this makes you happy
- Practice starting and finishing things. To a polish. Don't take on more than you can't finish.
- Not finishing sucks.

What I plan on doing...

- Applying KonMari method to computer files. Storage is getting crazy. I don't think the solution is to get more external hard drives.  It's to delete files that no longer bring us joy. Let go of the past.

- Applying KonMari to habits and relationships. Let us live life joyously.

Go read the book. Check it out from the library if you can.
As a last resort, buy from Amazon. I get 4% revenue if you buy from this link. Just set up an Amazon Associates account today.


  1. Enjoyed the video and thanks for sharing! How many days or hours did you spent for this process (using the KonMari method tyding clothes, books etc., not including editing the video)? It would be nice to know a ballpark for reference. Thanks again!

    1. I think this whole process took 60-70 hours. I spent out 8 full days x 8 hours = 64 hours. :)

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