Saturday, June 21, 2014

Passion Reboot

Yesterday - I saw a movie by one of my favorite directors - Jon Favreau - director of Iron Man 1 & 2. There's something really special about him - he is so accomplished and successful - yet you don't get a whiff of arrogance about him - he exudes humility and funny, down-to-earth vibe. Even in his own movie - Iron Man 2 - Jon plays a lowly bodyguard and even gets beat up by a girl! For such a big shot director - Jon Favreau certainly has a good sense of humor!

When I found out Jon came out with a new movie - I HAD to go see it. In his new indie movie "Chef" (2014)- Jon tells the story of a successful chef who is basically a**fu**ed by his manager and the social media. He gets tired of doing what people are telling him to do, and instead starts a food truck so he can do what he wants!

I really related to this movie.  I don't feel like I'm working a job that makes be happy. As of today - I've worked all three of my "dream" jobs - video games, movies and theme parks. At first - there was a sense of novelty and euphoria when I first worked on the projects, but I've never been truly happy or fulfilled doing any of these jobs.

Even though I've always enjoyed and been really good at teaching - I didn't think it was a viable career.  I actually looked down at artists who just teach and didn't have much professional or artistic accomplishments - but maybe that's just my arrogance talking. I wanted to get some professional experience before I started my teaching career - which is why I felt it was important to become a professional concept artists for different companies. Perhaps I can get back into teaching.

I also really enjoyed working on actual projects - such as building exhibits during my Art Center days , or building Booth during my Carnegie Mellon days, or even painting that mural when I went to Guatemala. I don't like sitting at a table/ or in front of my computer making illustrations all day. I really want to get up at MOVE! I need to walk around and really work with my hands and legs! I need to be around REAL people and talk and converse with them. I'm not sure what kind of job will allow me to do what I that - but I feel like doing something like that is what will really make me happy.

Perhaps I can start teaching again.

Perhaps I can start working on actual projects again - instead just being an illustrator.

I'm not sure what is going to come out of this - but the first step of manifesting what you want - is to recognize and specify your INTENTION. Here I go! :)

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  1. Chris, I think that what you're responding to is completely normal. It's part of what ALL my teachers in the field have been talking about, particularly with regard to design these days. We're CHURNING out students who will/ have worked on computers/ theoretically and don't actually BUILD anything, and there is a general lack of respect for research (which is CRUCIAL if you're building something, buying materials, etc). That can only take you so far. Even Steve Jobs knew a thing or two about computers :)
    I think as a designer it's VERY important to make stuff or at least be VERY in touch with the final product and how it is being made. What they're saying is that there is a growing divide (particularly in entertainment) between the designers and the fabricators. In fact, it's becoming a situation where at the top level these designers are considered 'useless' (I use this word with restraint), because they are out of touch with how what they do affects cost, materials, etc. They're a dime a dozen, which affects what these designers can eventually demand for their services if they have no practical experience. Maybe in gaming/animation/vfx this may not be a huge issue, but it SEVERELY limits a person who wants to be a designer in a holistic sense (moving from one field to another with fluidity). Even Syd Mead worked at Ford, and would have been exposed to how what he did affected the actual fabrication process. Plus, car designers make a butt load of clay models in school, so they deal with issues like weight, lift and drag, symmetry, balance, proportion, etc. Anyways, that's just my two cents. Good luck!