Saturday, July 28, 2012

Environment Painting - wk10 - final

Hunchback - Festival of Fools Final...whew....
So had my last painting class this weekend. Man I feel kind of burned out. I've been taking class non-stop since April. I was doing 2 classes at LAAFA with Sean and Nathan. The environment design class with Charles overlapped with the LAAFA - so I was taking 3 classes at a point. ( I still haven't posted up class reviews and notes for those classes)

Originally, I wanted to find a job a studio concept art gig by my 24th bday - August 1.  I've built up a new set of portfolio pieces and gave my website a facelift ( [version 5.0]) I'm pretty happy with that. I'm just a little confused where I should be going at this point. I'm okay with working on my portfolio for another 5 months. I've given myself a deadline of Dec 31, 2012 to get a job. I have lots of things that I wanted to do, but haven't really gotten around to doing so.

- Do a lot of drawings and paintings at Disneyland
- Draw things for fun and paint things that inspire me
- Spontaneously draw
- Do concept pieces that you actually like