Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sean Cheetham and Nathan Fowkes Wk 9

wk9 - superman
30 min flower quicksketch

you are welcome!
sketchbook painting  
I don't think I ever got around to posting this - but this piece won the CGW competition on facebook recently.
What I learned was that the secret to making something really good, so to spend a lot of fucking time on it, get a lot of fucking help, and work fucking hard. :)

I think this piece took about 2 months. I spent around 3 weeks just doing research and iterations to get a view that conveyed my concept in a clear and compelling way. It took a lot of time to just nail down my idea.
When it got to the illustration part, I biked to a actual farm to take pictures of a farm at sunrise. When drawing the people, I got a lot of images from google and drew them very carefully. I had reference for EVERY part of the image.

I had lots of help from this piece. I started this image in Mathais' class at Kazone - he worked with me on concept, composition and lighting. Charles also helped me with the photo-texture element on the building.  When it got to the illustration part, I even had help from Nathan Fowkes and Sean Cheetham at LAAFA - and they gave me advice on the finishing touches. Of course - I also asked a lot of my friends on facebook for help and they gave me really good feedback. I feel like I had an entire ARMY help me with this piece.

When it was done, I posted it on several forums and  got a feel of how people reacted to the piece. They didn't really respond to the title "Under the Old Sky" - so I changed it to "Epilogue to Wall-E" and I think people really got it better.

Total - I think it took me around 50 hours. 


  1. Amazing work Chris! This sketchbook are awesome! Do you paint directly in the paper with oil?

  2. yo thanks man. yeah i paint directly on the sketchgroup with gouache.. not oil. :)