Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sean Cheetham & Nathan Fowkes wk 6 + 7

Lots of stuff these last 2 weeks. Scroll all the way down for a special treat! 
some sketchbook pages
Mike Hussar studies

Nathan Fowkes classwork - double colored lights!
some landscapes for fun 
basic exercises 
little gouache painting of a dude with a sci-fi twist
Ala prima wk 7 - 5 hr pose
Figure Quick Sketch at LCAD using Nathan Fowkes watercolor style. Model was  on point!!
She did a b-boy freeze, bridge, and a bunch of yoga and kung-fu poses. SICK!

Here is the special treat!
 Sean Cheetham's photo demo.  I think it's good to note the work done before the actual painting. He said it took him a long time to take the photo and choose which one to paint. There was also a great deal of effort photoshopping the photo to get it to his liking. He printed out 4-5 different versions, some with photoshop filters, cropped a little bigger, and looked at them in rotation during his painting. 

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