Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sean Cheetham & Nathan Fowkes wk 8

Sean's class - wk 8

Animal Quicksketch in Nathan's class this week 

I just started Sketchbook 31 - the paper is actually a bright salmon - but it scans to a very pleasing tan. I'm pleased. 
Jean from LAAFA - photo ref

artificial light studies

painting studies
Disneyland plein air
cute girl from tumblr
after Max Kulich

originals created after studies


  1. Amazing works Chris! Very good colors! Can you post more about colors and how you use them?

  2. thanks lucas. sure - i can make a post about color. is there anything you want to know in particular?...

    1. Nice Chris. Please, I'd like to know more about the relationship about bounced light and color, how and when it changes, it's the same color of the shadow? etc. Other topic is about how you choose your colors, I saw in the Jean portrait that the highlights in her hair it's bluish and don't white and in her mouth it's only white. Can you talk more about this? Finishing... If you can please, it'll be nice a post about the changes of color in the different times of day and seasons and how this colors affect the mood! It's a huge volume of things... let's continue to talk and talking about this! Thanks!

    2. oh okay. just to quickly answer your question - bounce light from the sun is generally a lot warmer and more saturated. in my portraits - i usually use a cad red (a really orangey saturated red) to show this. it should be only be barely lighter than your shadow value.

      in the jean portrait - the reason why the highlights in the hair were darker than the lips was because the the hair was black and the lips were a pink. because of the "local color" - the lips were just bright - the highlights were brighter also.

      but yeah.. i'm make a post explaining color and stuff soon. thanks for the questions!

    3. Very nice Chris! Really thanks. Looking forward to see this color posts! :)