Friday, May 13, 2011

Plein Air Paintings WK2: Pools, Parks, Cozy Houses, Plastic Girls & 1950 Sex Icons

These plein airs are from last week. I've been really busy, haven't hide time to post.  I actually don't my work from this week isn't even that good. I missed my sketch quota on some days, but I made sure to get my pleins airs in. 

I actually took a break from painting this week. I've been a lot of freelance work earlier this week, and also doing a lot of plumbing and painting on my house. 

I have this really cool idea to get really good color theory today. It involves paint swatches from Lowes. Stay tuned!

Monday Night- Painting the Pool. Cool colors...

Tuesday - Irvine Regional Park. 

Wednesday Night - Painting my room. Too busy to go out...

Thursday - Painting Mannequins at Irvine Spectrum.  

Friday - AMC Theater at District. Painting Marilyn Monroe. 

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