Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Head Drawing - Glen Orbik/ Reilly Method

17 Hours of Figure Drawing this past week. I've attended workshops at Courbet Art Circle, LCAD, 3 Kicks, & Catalyst. Why?

Recently I've been taking head drawing with Glen Orbik at 3Kicks Studio in Pasadena (http://3kickstudio.com). Only 6 students. SIX!!! I've been taking class for 4 weeks so far. We've covered basic construction, using shadow shapes, and basic Reilly Rhythms last week. 

"Have only 4 values, but all the edges you want." In Glen's demos, he puts down the placement of the features, blocks in the shapes, and continues to refines the shapes and edges until he gets a more finished piece. There are at most 2-3 values in the piece.  He works with a limited value range, and spends most of his time organizing the shapes and edges. 

This minimalistic method of drawing really coincides with my philosophy of living life: "Cherish what you already have, don't chase after things you don't need." The 2-3 values are all you need to render. The artistry is in the design the shapes and the choices you make.

Courbet Art Circle - Santa Ana, CA (http://artcircleus.com/workshops.htm)

Steve - Catalyst - Westminster, CA (http://www.artsupplywarehouse.com/catalyst.php)

Mark - 3 Kicks - Pasadena, CA

Roseanne - Courbet Art Circle - Santa Ana, CA (http://artcircleus.com)

Jessica - LCAD  - Laguna, CA (http://www.lagunacollege.edu/news.php?id=3)

Obsidian Entertainment - Irvine, CA


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  2. dang chris, you are SOOO inspiring! 4 figure drawing classes/workshops?! WOW!! IM SO JEALOUS!!! i wish i could do that too...stupid work ~__~ this is awesome stuff though! you go to catalyst? is it any good? i go to art supply warehouse all the time~ looks like youre learning so muchhhh!!! keep up the great work!!! :D :D :D im so impressed! :)

  3. Hi! Came across your blog through mutual friends some time ago. Really enjoy reading your blog and all these tips that you share. Really helps me out a lot too!! :)).