Saturday, January 8, 2011

100 environments: Mission Accomplished!

I originally set out to draw 100 environments to gain confidence and spontaneity with my compositions.   I definitely I've gotten more loose and confident to just lay things down. In the future, I plan on doing more finished drawings, color studies, and some night studies.  I was originally planning to incorporate color studies in this series - but it took too look for the purpose of this project. Definitely look for color environments that in the future. This journey will be amazing!

Day 7: Markers, white color pencil + ball point pen
I was really trying to have strong tones and minimal lines in the environments to the right.

Day 8 (even though it says 7): ballpoint + 3 shades of marker

Day 9: graphite + ball point (+ marker is some)
I was trying a new technique. Graphite is really my weakest medium. I learned I had to really be solid with my solid with my shapes in order for it to read well.

Day 10: Marker and Ball point again. My favorite combo!
These were drawn during a lecture over the course of 3 days. I really learned to capture people's gesture. I also learned that I had to crop must closer in order to make these compositions work.

Some gesture drawings from a Japanese Magazine

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