Wednesday, December 29, 2010

100 Environments

Hey guys - this is project I started. 100 environments. 10 environments a day for 10 days (actually 9 - but 10 just sounds cooler). The whole point of the exercise is to build confidence. I'm using different mediums to exercise different ways of drawing and seeing things. 

Day 1: My House. Black Marker ONLY.

Day 2: Shopping Center - Tustin Market Place.
Medium: Black & Grey Marker

Day 3: My Living Room
Medium: Ball Point and Grey Marker

Day 4: Color studies from Life and Magazines
Medium: Markers and Colored Pencil.

Day 5: Irvine Spectrum
Medium: 3 Tones of Marker & Ball Point

Day 6: Park by My House
Medium: Graphite Pencil

Some thumbnails of the Atlantis paintings I did. 

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  1. these are stunning. I'm definitely going to try this sometime! :)