Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Food and Stuff

I know this is a sketch blog, but I also thing food is an art, so I'm going to put some food on here also. I've been working super hard this Spring Break, so I found it necessary to indulge myself while the weather was so nice out in Pittsburgh today. 

Recently, I've been eating at this place called "Sushi Boat" near UPitt.  It's my new favorite place.  I'm a vegetarian, and there is usually not that many choice for me when I eat out.  But this place has plenty of vegetarian options - but it's not one of those hippy vegan places.  The rice bowls are my favorite. Very fresh vegetables and you get your choice of sauce.  Today I ordered the Vegetable rice bowl - no onion, sesame sauce. yum.$ (4.95)

Afterwards, I went to Dave and Andy's Homemade Ice Cream Store to get dessert.  Got a Boylan + Moose Track Float. It was pretty good. Cool part is that they let me keep the rest of the cola when they didn't use it all. ($3.90)

During spring break, I was hanging out with my friend Ellen who is a huge photo hobbyist.  She has a bunch of different cameras.  She was using her Polaroid camera film and I discovered that her film case look similar to that of pop tarts! She had never ate Pop Tarts before... so here you are Ellen.  See for yourself! 


  1. Thanks Chris~:)
    love lots of your art works.....and food~makes me hungry
    keep it up bro!

  2. yum! we had too much greasy food over spring break so we've been eating only salads this past week haha