Friday, June 19, 2009

Creature DESIGNS!

Hello sketchblog! These are done in photoshop with a mouse! yes a Mouse! I have a tablet at home, but I don't like using it because it don't like using it because it lags... lags... :(
I had fun doing homework this week because I was watching cartoons while painting these dudes. So pretty fun. But as a result... these guys tend to look a little cartoony, and look comic-book like. Pumpkinhead looks like a cross between venom and deadpool. So yeah... I don't know about that. Yay, done with homework!

1 comment:

  1. the gesture in some of these less human creatures is really awkward. your previous post of your hand drawn ones - some of them look really amateurish. i don't know how to fix it since i've got less experience than you do in creatures, but I'd probably work out the silhouettes a lot more.

    And I dunno if you're scanning these/taking pictures of hand sketches and then rendering on top or straight rendering, but I'd probably scan and then render over hte line work. I think the mouse is holding you back with some of the curves (tentacles).

    the pumpkin head guy's torso/abdomen is really weird. it looks like it's trying to be humanoid yet it looks like a big chunk was lopped off and it was glued together. i also wouldn't fade out the right leg, it makes it look like it's going to fall over. if anything darken it to get it more weight.